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Using Your Learning Portfolio

Using Your Learning Portfolio

Author: daniela kemeny
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WALT... use our Learning Portfolios to share and reflect on our learning.

Hello my friends!

This tutorial will help you understand how to use your Learning Portfolio. Watch the videos, read the information, and then try using your Learning Portfolio to create your first entry: an introduction of who you are and what you will be using the Learning Portfolio for. 

If you have any questions, I will be happy to discuss them during class!

Portfolio Tutorial by Gonzalo

Watch this great tutorial made by Gonzalo so you know the basics about how to log into your Portfolio, post an entry and make comments on your friends' Learning Portfolios.

Learning Portfolio Essential Agreements

Watch this video and presentation to learn about the Essential Agreements that we must follow when we work in our Learning Portfolios.

Learning Portfolio Essential Agreements

View this Powerpoint Presentation to review the Essential Agreements for using our Learning Portfolios.

Create Your First Portfolio Entry!

Now its your turn to go to your Learning Portfolio and create the first entry.

Here are some guidelines for this first entry:

1) introduce yourself: say your name, tell us what you hobbies are, or what you favorite things are. 

2) Tell us what you expect from your Learning Portfolio: What will you share and communicate? How do you hope the Portfolio will help you learn? How do you think you will be able to help your classmates learn?

You can use some of these sentence starters if you need help:

  • Hello, I am...
  • My favotire...
  • One of my hobbies is...
  • This is my Learning Portfolio. In it, I hope to...
  • This Learning Portfolio will help me learn because...
  • I will also help my classmates learn because...
  • I hope that with this Learning Portfolio I may...
  • I hope that with this Learning Portfolio, my mom and dad may...

As you write your first Portfolio entry, remember the Essential Agreements. Write complete sentences and use correct spelling. 

You can also add pictures to make your entry more interesting!

3) Check out your classmate's work, and make a comment on at least one of your friend's post. 

Look at Filomena's Learning Portfolio to see an example of what your first entry should look like.

Remember, if you need any help, come see me in school!