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Author: Megan Welle

Identify the characteristics and descriptors of utilitarianism

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Notes on "Utilitarianism"

(00:00 - 00:22) Introduction

(00:23 - 01:28) Definitions

(01:29 - 02:14) Common uses of the Utility Principle 

(02:15 - 02:50) Negative and Positive Utility

(02:51 - 05:34) Ethics in Action

(05:35 - 06:19) Utilitarianism and Objectivism 

(06:20 - 08:42) Happiness for a Utilitarian

(08:43 - 09:41) Summary

  • Utilitarianism

    A system of ethics that maintains that good is proportionate to total probable utility

  • Utility

    The increase or decrease in the total happiness consequent to an action