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Vaccinations and Immunization

Vaccinations and Immunization

Author: Sophia Tutorial

Communicate with Spanish-speaking patients about receiving vaccinations. 

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what's covered
In this lesson, you will learn how to discuss vaccinations with patients in order to ensure that they know what to expect when receiving them. Specifically, this lesson will cover:
  1. Types of Vaccines
  2. Screening Questions
  3. Administration of the Vaccine
  4. Aftercare

1. Types of Vaccines

The following chart shows the names of common types of vaccines, as well as some basic vaccination-related language in Spanish.

English Spanish Pronunciation
vaccine una vacuna oo-nah bah-koo-nah
receive a vaccine recibir una vacuna ray-see-beer oo-nah bah-koo-nah
administer an injection administrar una inyección ahd-me-knee-strahr oo-nah een-yake-see-own
administer a vaccine administrar una vacuna ahd-me-knee-strahr oo-nah bah-koo-nah
give a vaccine darle una vacuna
ponerle una vacuna
dar-lay oo-nah bah-koo-nah
poe-nair-lay oo-nah bah-koo-nah
A vaccine for ("against")… una vacuna contra… oo-nah bah-koo-nah cone-trah…
...the flu …la gripe / la influenza …la gree-pay / …la een-flu-ain-sah
…shingles …la culebrilla
…el herpes zóster
…la koo-lay-bree-yah
…ale air-pace so-stare
…pneumonia …la pulmonía …oah pool-mo-knee-yah
…Tdap …la tos ferina (Tdap) …la tohs fay-ree-nah (tay-dahp)
…hepatitis A …la hepatitis A …la ay-pah-tee-tiece ah
…hepatitis B …la hepatitis B …la ay-pah-tee-tiece bay
…hepatitis A and B …la hepatitis A y B …la ay-pah-tee-tiece ay ee bay
…meningitis …la meningitis …la main-een-he-tiece
…meningitis (group B) …la meningitis (grupo B) …la main-een-he-tiece (groo-poh bay)
...chickenpox …la varicela …la bah-ree-say-la
...TD (booster) …el tétanos y la difteria (una dosis de refuerzo) …ale tay-tah-nohs eel ah deef-tay-ree-ah (oo-nah doe-sees day ray-f’wair-so)
...HPV …el virus del papiloma humano (VPH) …ale bee-ruse dale pah-pee-loh-mah oo-mah-no (bay pay ah-chay)
…MMR …la sarampión, rubeola, y pariotiditis (SRP) …la sah-rahm-pee-own, roo-bay-oh-la, ee pah-ree-oh-tee-dee-tiece (ay-say ay-ray pay)
…COVID-19 …la COVID diecinueve / …la coronavirus …la koh-beed dee-ay-see-new-ay-bay / …la koh-roh-nah-bee-ruse
This is the Shingrix® vaccine. Esta es la vacuna Shingrix®. ace-tah ace la bah-koo-nah sheen-greeks
This is the Pneumovax-23® vaccine. Esta es la vacuna Pneumovax-Veintitrés®. ace-tah ace la bah-koo-nah nay-oo-mo-vax vain-tee-trace
Do you prefer the pneumococcal conjugate Prevnar®? ¿Prefiere el conjugado pneumocócico Prevnar®? pray-fee-air-ay ale cone-who-gah-doe nay-oo-mo-koh-see-koh prave-nahr

2. Screening Questions

The following chart provides Spanish translations of some essential screening questions that you will need to ask patients before they receive a vaccine.

English Spanish Pronunciation
Are you now or could you be pregnant? ¿Ya está o pudiera estar embarazada? yah ace-tah oh poo-dee-air-ah ace-tar aim-bah-rah-sah-dah
Are you (is he/she) allergic to any medicine? ¿Es usted (él/ella) alérgico/a a cualquier medicina? ace oo-staid (ale / ay-yah) ah-lare-he-koh/kah ah k'wall-key-air may-dee-see-nah
Are you allergic to any food? ¿Es usted (él/ella) alérgico/a a cualquier comida? ace oo-staid (ale / ay-yah) ah-lair-he-koh/kah ah kwall-key-air koh-me-dah
Are you allergic to… ¿Es usted (él/ella) alérgico/a a… ace oo-staid (ale / ay-yah) ah-lair-he-koh/kah ah…
…nuts ...las nueces ...las n’way-sace
…eggs ...los huevos ...los way-bohs
…soy soja …la so-hah
…shellfish …los mariscos …lohs mah-rees-kohs
Are you allergic to latex? ¿Es usted alérgico/a al látex? ace oo-staid ah-lair-he-koh/kah all la-takes
Have you had an allergic reaction to a vaccine before? ¿Ha tenido alguna reacción alérgica a cualquier vacuna antes? ah tay-knee-doe all-goo-nah ray-ahk-see-own ah k’wall-key-air bah-koo-nah ahn-tace
Have you suffered from seizures before? ¿Ha sufrido de convulsiones antes? ah sue-free-doe day cone-bool-see-own-ace
Do you have a history of Guillain-Barré syndrome? ¿Tiene una historia del síndrome de Guillain-Barré? tee-ay-nay oo-nah seen-droh-may day guee-yahn bah-ray
Do you take an anticoagulant medication? ¿Toma algún medicamento anticoagulante? toe-ma all-goon may-dee-kah-main-toe ahn-tee-co-ah-goo-lahn-tay
In the past two weeks, have you tested positive for COVID-19 or are you currently being​ monitored for COVID -19?​ ¿En las últimas dos semanas, ha dado positivo por COVID-19 / la coronavirus o está siendo monitoreado/a actualmente por COVID-19? ain lahs ool-tee-mahs dohs say-mah-nahs ah dah-doe poe-see-tee-bow pour co-bead dee-ace-ee noo-ay-bay / lah co-row-nah-bee-roose o ace-tah see-ain-do mo-knee-toe-ray-ah-doe/dah ahk-too-all-main-tay pour co-bead dee-ace-ee noo-ay-bay
In the past two weeks, have you had contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19? ¿En las últimas dos semanas, ha estado en contacto con una persona que ha dado positivo por COVID-19 / la coronavirus? ain lahs ool-tee-mahs dohs say-mah-nahs ah ace-tah-doe ain cone-tahk-toe cone oo-nah pair-so-nah kay ah dah-doe poe-see-tee-bow pour co-bead dee-ace-ee noo-ay-bay lah co-row-nah-bee-roose
Do you currently or have you in the past (#) days, experienced the new onset of… ¿Tiene ahora o ha comenzado a tener en los últimos (#) días... tee-ay-nay ah-oar-ah oh ah koh-main-sah-doe ah tay-nair ain lohs ool-tee-mohs (#) dee-ahs…
…a fever …una fiebre oo-nah fee-ay-bray
…chills …los escalofríos …lohs ace-kah-lo-free-ohs
…cough …una tos oo-nah tohs
…shortness of breath …la falta de aire fall-tay day eye-ray
…difficulty breathing …la dificultad en respirar …la dee-fee-cool-todd ain race-pee-rar
…fatigue …la fatiga …la fah-tee-gah
…muscle aches …el dolor muscular …ale doe-lore moose-koo-lahr
…headache …el dolor de cabeza …ale doe-lore day kah-bay-sah
…new loss of taste or smell …una pérdida inicial del sentido del gusto o del olfato oo-nah pair-dee-dah ee-knee-see-all dale sane-tee-doh dale goose-toe oh dale ohl-fah-toe
…sore throat …el dolor de garganta …ale doe-lore day gar-gahn-tah
…nausea …la náusea …la now-see-ah
…vomiting …los vómitos …lohs bow-me-tohs
…diarrhea …la diarrea …la dee-ah-ray-ah

Please refer to current CDC recommendations and change any phrases accordingly. Refer to numbers in Course 4 in order to change the number of days or weeks. Refer to symptoms in Course 5 in order to add symptoms the list of screening questions.

3. Administration of the Vaccine

The following chart provides important language and instructions for patients regarding the actual administration of a vaccine.

English Spanish Pronunciation
You can come with me for the administration of the vaccine. Puede venir conmigo para la administración de la vacuna. p’way-day bay-near cone-me-go pa-rah la ahd-me-knee-strah-see-own day la bah-koo-nah
Sit down (here), please. Siéntese (aquí), por favor. see-ain-tay-say (ah-key) pour-fah-bore
First, I am going to take your temperature. Primero, voy a tomarle la temperatura. pre-may-row boy ah toe-mar-lay la tame-pair-ah-too-rah
In which arm do you prefer to receive the injection? ¿En qué brazo prefiere recibir la inyección? ain kay bra-so pray-fee-air-ay ray-see-beer la een-yake-see-own
Roll up your sleeve, please. Arremánguese, por favor. ah-ray-mahn-gay-say pour fah-bore
This is an intramuscular vaccine. Esta es una vacuna intramuscular. ace-tah ace oo-nah bah-koo-nah een-trah-moose-koo-lahr
This is a subcutaneous vaccine. Esta es una vacuna subcutánea. ace-tah ace oo-nah bah-koo-nah sewb-koo-tah-nay-ah
I will administer the vaccine here. Voy a administrar la vacuna aquí. boy ah ahd-me-knee-strahr la bah-koo-nah ah-key

For directions on administering a COVID test, please see the "COVID-19 Swab Instructions" document provided in Spanish with audio accompaniment in the "Additional Resources" area of this course.

4. Aftercare

The following chart provides important instructions and information for patients about post-vaccine care.

English Spanish Pronunciation
This vaccine could cause soreness in the arm. Esta vacuna puede causar dolor muscular en el brazo. ace-tah bah-koo-nah p’way-day kau-sar doe-lore moose-koo-lahr ain ale bra-so
This vaccine could cause soreness at the injection site. Esta vacuna puede causar dolor en el sitio de la inyección. ace-tah bah-koo-nah p’way-day kau-sar doe-lore ain ale see-tee-oh day la een-yake-see-own
You may take ibuprofen or acetaminophen for the soreness. Puede tomar el ibuprofeno o el acetaminofén para el dolor. p’way-day toe-mar ale ee-boo-pro-fay-no ale ah-see-tah-me-no-fane pah-rah ale doe-lore
You may feel tired for a few days. Esta vacuna puede causar la fatiga por algunos días. ace-tah bah-koo-nah p’way-day kau-sar la fah-tee-gah pour all-goo-nohs dee-ahs
Call us if… Llámenos si… ya-may-nohs see
Call your doctor if… Lláme a su doctor si… ya-may ah sue doke-tore see
…you have difficulty breathing. …tenga dificultad en respirar. tain-gah dee-fee-cool-todd ain race-pee-rar
…you have any other side effects from the vaccine. …tenga otros efectos secundarios de la vacuna. tain-gah oh-trohs ay-fake-tohs say-coon-dah-ree-ohs day la bah-koo-nah
…you have a more serious side effect from the vaccine. …tenga un efecto secundario más grave de la vacuna. tain-gah oon ay-fake-toh say-coon-dah-ree-oh mahs grah-bay day la bah-koo-nah
There are (#) vaccines in this series. Hay (#) vacunas en esta serie. eye (#) bah-koo-nahs ain ace-tah say-ree-ay
This vaccine is one in a series of three. Esta vacuna es una dosis en una serie de tres. ace-tah bah-koo-nah ace oo-nah doe-sees ain oo-nah say-ree-ay day trace
This vaccine is the first / second / third in a series of two / three. Esta vacuna es la primera / segunda / tercera dosis en una serie de dos / tres. ace-tah bah-koo-nah ace la pre-may-rah / say-goo-dah/ tare-say-rah doe-sees ain oo-nah say-ree-ay day dohs / trace
You should receive the next / second / third vaccine in this series. Debe recibir la próxima / segunda / tercera dosis en esta serie. day-bay ray-see-beer la proke-see-ma / say-goo-dah/ tare-say-rah doe-sees ain ace-tah say-ree-ay
You should receive the next vaccination in this series in (#) days / months. Debe recibir la próxima dosis en esta serie en (#) días / meses. day-bay ray-see-beer la proke-see-ma doe-sees ain ace-tah say-ree-ay ain (#) dee-ahs / mace-ace
This is the last vaccine in this series. Esta es la última dosis en esta serie. ace-tah ace la ool-tee-ma doe-sees ain ace-tah say-ree-ay
Do you have your immunization records? ¿Tiene su registro de vacunas? tee-ay-nay sue ray-he-strow day bah-koo-nahs
Please make a note of when you received this vaccine. Apunte la fecha de esta vacuna, por favor. ah-poon-tay la fay-chah day ace-tah bah-koo-nah pour fah-bore
Do you have a primary care physician that should receive a copy of this vaccination today? ¿Tiene un médico / una médica de atención primaria que debe recibir una copia de esta vacuna que recibió hoy? tee-ay-nay oon may-dee-koh / oo-nah may-dee-kah day ah-tain-see-own pre-mah-ree-ah kay day-bay ray-see-beer oo-nah ko-pee-ah day ace-tah bah-koo-nah kay ray-see-bee-oh oh-ee
Do you need a receipt of this vaccination? ¿Necesita una copia del recibo de esta vacuna? nay-say-see-tah oo-nah ko-pee-ah dale ray-see-bo day ace-tah bah-koo-nah
Would you like for us to fax this to your primary care physician? ¿Quiere que mandemos una copia del recibo de esta vacuna a su médico de atención primaria? key-air-ay kay mahn-day-mohs oo-nah ko-pee-ah dale ray-see-bow day ace-tah bah-koo-nah ah sue may-dee-koh day ah-tain-see-own pre-mah-ree-ah
Do you need a copy for your records? ¿Necesita una copia para su archivo? Nay-say-see-tah oo-nah ko-pee-ah pah-rah sue are-chee-bow
This is the vaccine information sheet. It will contain lots more information. Esta es la hoja de información sobre la vacuna. Contiene mucha información más. ace-tah ace la oh-ha day een-for-ma-see-own so-bray la bah-koo-nah. cone-tee-ay-nay moo-chah een-for-ma-see-own mahs

In this lesson, you learned how to tell patients what they need to know about vaccinations. This includes the common types of vaccines they may need to receive and the screening questions you should ask before a vaccine is given. You also learned how to discuss the administration of the vaccine and any instructions for aftercare that will be helpful for patients.

¡Buena suerte!

Source: This content has been adapted from "Pharmacy Spanish" by Stephanie Langston.