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Vaccines, Cancer & HeLa

Vaccines, Cancer & HeLa

Author: Lauren Rodriguez
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How Vaccines Work

Topic: How vaccines Work
EQ: Discuss how vaccines work
Length: 1 page front & back

- 1796- Edward Jenner
- Immune System
- Adaptive Immunity
- Risk
- Vaccines & adaptive immunity
- Types of Vaccines (Live Attenuated, Inactive, Downside to vaccines, Subunit, DNA)
- Future

Curing Cancer

Topic: Curing Cancer
EQ: Discuss why it is so difficult to cure cancer
Length: 1 page front & back

- Already cured
- How cancer starts (mutations)
- complexity of cancer
- treatments for cancer
- problems to solve (cultures vs. real humans, the complexity of aggressive tumors, tumor communication, cancer stem cells)
- new problems
- good news


Topic: HeLa Cells
EQ: Discuss the special nature of HeLa Cells
Length: 1 page front & back

- Lab cells (cultures)
- Before 1951
- George Gey
- Why HeLa was special
- Henrietta
- Why HeLa survives (Apoptosis)
- Sharing HeLa
- Ethics
- Polio and HeLa
-Various uses of HeLa