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Values and Beliefs

Values and Beliefs

Author: Sadie Pendaz

This lesson will define and explain values and beliefs. Robin Williams Jr's ten values central to American Life will be listed and discussed.

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Terms to Know

Convictions, understandings, and ideas that people hold as truth.

Robin Williams Jr.

American sociologist who made a career out of studying American cultural life and gave us the Ten Values Central to American Life.

Ten Values Central to American Life

Devised by Robin Williams Jr. these values are: 1) Equal Opportunity; 2) Achievement and Success; 3) Material Comfort; 4) Activity and Work; 5) Practicality and Efficiency; 6) Progress; 7) Science and Rational Thinking; 8) Democracy; 9) Freedom; 10) Group Superiority.


Cultural guidelines that delineate what is good and bad and provide instruction for social living.