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¡Vamos de compras!

¡Vamos de compras!

Author: yolanda padilla

1.1 Students address discrete elements of daily life, including: m. Shopping, clothes, colors

Objective: By the end of the class, students will be able to ask for a clothing item in a desired color.

Mitchell, Theodore R., and Jack O. Connell. World Language Content Standards for California Public Schools: Kindergarten through Grade Twelve. California Department of Education, 2010.

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Warm up!

To get a quick idea of today's lesson, click on Ropa and review different clothing items.

Source: “Spanish Clothing Vocabulary.” Learn Spanish, Enforex, 1989,

Now that you know what some clothing items are, Let's review a colors through Colores. If not, how are you going to find that t-shirt in your favorite color?

Source: “I Love Colors.” Colors in Spanish:,

Let's go over the a shopping scenario...

¿De qué color es la falda?

As a class, let's discuss observations on the video.

Source: “Clothing Store- DIALOGUE in Spanish.” Youtube, Como Digo, 16 Sept. 2016,

Describe what Professor Paco is wearing.
Who in class is wearing "zapatos amarillos"?

The BIG Question

Imagine you are about to go on a trip to anywhere in the world. On a word document describe what clothing items you would pack and why. Type your work on a word document and bring to class the next day. Must be from 200-500 words.