Variety is the Spice of Writing:  Sentence Variety Study Guide

Variety is the Spice of Writing: Sentence Variety Study Guide

Author: Janice Davis

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • identify ways to vary sentences in writing using simple, compound, and complex structures.
  • identify the different parts (equations) that make up each type of sentence.
  • accurately write sentences using a variety of structures and punctuation.
  • ace the test covering the material studied in this unit!

Play Jeopardy!  Learn more about sentence variety!  Complete the study guide and review the materials studied in this unit.  Do all of this and you'll be ready, set, and to go on the test! 

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Sentence Variety Study Guide

Click here to download and print today's homework:  Sentence Variety Study Guide.

Time for Jeopardy!

To help you study for your test, and to succeed on your study guide, you might enjoy taking time to play Jeopardy!  This game is designed to review all the basic sentence varieties.  Have fun!


Click here to start your awesome Sentence Variety Jeopardy game.