Variety is the Spice of Writing:  Split-Brain Theory Sentences

Variety is the Spice of Writing: Split-Brain Theory Sentences

Author: Janice Davis

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • write compound and complex sentences with purpose to add variety to a text.
  • identify the parts of a complex sentence.


Your brain is probably the most amazing item on Earth!  Each of us possesses a brain capable of learning and doing so much more than we can ever realize.  What is your brain capable of today? Can you use it to define its purposes and write complex sentences at the same time?

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Split-Brain Theory Sentences

Click here to download and print today's homework:  Split-Brain Theory Sentences.

Split-Brain Theory

Watch this video carefully for information that will help you complete your homework. More importantly, it's just plain fascinating!

Dr. Sperry's Experiment on Joe

This is the video we watched in class showing how Joe responded to the experiment after his corpus callosum had been severed.