Variety is the Spice of Writing:  Subordinating Conjunctions

Variety is the Spice of Writing: Subordinating Conjunctions

Author: Janice Davis

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • identify the purpose of a subordinating conjunction.
  • correctly add a subordinating conjunction to an independent clause, making it a dependent clause.
  • correctly punctuate a sentence using a subordinating clause (dependent clause with a subordinating conjunction).

Remember the FANBOYS?  Those are coordinating conjunctions -- they coordinate two independent clauses together to make a compound sentence.  Now we're learning about subordinating conjunctions.  They make an independent clause dependent because the subordinating conjunction tells the read that more information is coming -- don't stop reading yet!

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Subordinating Conjunctions

First, click here to play the tutorial for today's lesson:  Subordinating Conjunctions.

Make sure you listen carefully!  Ms. Lawrence does a great job teaching you specific things you will need on the test that's coming up soon!


Click here to download and print today's homework:  Subordinating Conjunctions.