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Vectors and Scalars Part 2

Vectors and Scalars Part 2

Author: Parmanand Jagnandan

In this packet I introduce how to calculate the components of a vector and how to calculate a vector from its components.

In this packet we will take a closer look at how components parts can be used to determine a vector and vice versa.
We will also introduce trigonometry functions to show how vectors can have rotational directions. This packet is meant to be view along with Vectors and Scalars Part 1.

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This packet comes after the introductory packet Vector and Scalars Part 1. I would encourage the student to do them in order, but they can be reviewed seperately.

Components of Vectors and Scalars

In this slideshow I present more examples and a more in-depth look at how to find vectors from their components and vice versa using Pythagorean Theorem and trigonometry.