Vectors, Phys 101

Vectors, Phys 101

Author: Jesse Olson

Explain the definition of vector and contrast with scalar
Give examples of vectors and scalars
Explain how to add and subtract vectors graphically and algebraically

This packet shows how to manipulate vectors and scalars with example problems. Velocity and speed are used to show the difference between a vector and a scalar.

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New words for this packet

Vector - A quantity that has BOTH a size (#) and a direction (left, up, north, etc).

Scalar - A quantity that has ONLY a size (#).

Displacement - Change in position of an object compared to the starting point. 

Velocity - A vector quantity found by dividing an objects displacement (often distance is used) by the amount of time taken to travel this distance, includes A DIRECTION.

Adding Vectors Graphically and Algebraically

A quick tutorial on how to work with vector quantities. Includes example problems.

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Velocity Practice Problems With Solutions

This slide show includes a couple of problems for you to work out. I provide the solutions so you can check your work but try doing these on your own before looking at the answers.

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