Verb "gustar"

Verb "gustar"

Author: Rob Fuentes

State-Adopted Content Standards this lesson will address:


                     Stage I

                           1.0     Students use formulaic language (learned words, signs [ASL], and phrases)

               1.1     Engage in oral, written or signed (ASL) conversations

                     Stage II

                           2.1     Engage in oral, written or signed (ASL) conversations


                           2.4     Initiate, participate in, and close a conversation; ask and answer questions


                     Stage I

                          1.0     Students use orthography, phonology, or ASL parameters to understand words, signs (ASL), and phrases in context


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Verbo Gustar

Source: Señor Jordan's Spanish Videos from YouTube

Me gusta                 I like

Te gusta                 you like

Le gusta                 she/he likes

Nos gusta               we like

Les gusta                they like


Example questions:

Mi madre le gusta comer sushi. 

My mother likes to eat sushi.