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Verbo SER en Presente de Indicativo (conjugate verb "to be")

Verbo SER en Presente de Indicativo (conjugate verb "to be")

Author: Nancy Villa

Foreign Language Framework 2003. Language Learning Continuum. STAGE I. Students can;

  • use short sentences, learned words and phrases, and simple questions and commands when speaking and writing. 


This course is intended for non-native Spanish Speakers and for High School students between 9-12 grade. 

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The verb "to be" is an important verb that needs to be explained during the first week of a foreign language class.

The verb "to be" in Spanish is SER

You will learn how to conjugate this verb in present tense. 


I am - Yo SOY

You are - Tú ERES

He/She is - Él/Ella/Usted ES


We are - Nosotros/as SOMOS

You all are - Vosotros/as SOIS

They are - Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes SON




Watch this Video to help you memorize the conjugation (watch ONLY the first 38 seconds)

the verb SER is used to express;

  1. the hour, day, date
  2. place of origin
  3. occupation
  4. nationality
  5. religious or political affiliation
  6. the material something is made of
  7. possession
  8. relationship of one person to another
  9. certain impersonal expressions
  10. where an event is taking place
  11. essential qualities

Visita esta página para más ejemplos

(follow this site to help you with more examples) 

El sitio web te ofrece explicaciones del uso del verbo SER. 

(this website explains in English the verb for your better understanding of SER)

the "Big" question

Contesta la siguiente pregunta en una hoja de papel. 

  1. Crees tu que el verbo SER es un verbo irregular? Explica y dame ejemplos. 

(do you believe that the verb SER is an irregular verb? If so, give me reasons why)