Verbos ar

Verbos ar

Author: Cesar Robalino

Learn how to Conjugate Regular and Irregular Verbs in Spanish that end in "ar". Remember that Irregular verbs will have more changes.

Stem: e to ie

e to i'

o to ue


1. Eliminate the "ar" ending

2. Replace the ending for the New Set of Endings according with the Subject Pronoun.

3. Endings:

yo  o

tú  as

él,ella,Ud.  a

Nosotros, as  amos

​Vosotros, as  aís

ellos, ellas ,Uds.   an

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Conjugation of 'ar' verbs

Verbos "ar"

Change the "ar" ending for the New Set of Ending According to the Subject or Subject Pronoun