To teach students about a certain type of speech

Students will be able to identity what a verb is and the different kinds of verbs.

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What is a verb?

A verb is any action that you or anyone or any thing can do

Schoolhouse Rock: Verbs

Schoolhouse Rock uses song to describe verbs

Types of Verbs

1. Action Verbs- These verbs show an action

2. Verbs of Being- These verbs show a state of being (All forms of "be")

3. Linking Verbs- These verbs link the subject to it's complement


What is an adverb?


What did you learn today?


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-Summarize what you learned.

-Question about the lesson. (At least one!)


Please answer the following questions so I can tell how well you paid attention, what you got out of the lesson, and what may have confused you about the lesson. Thank you, I look forward to hearing your answers and I'll see you all in class tomorrow.