Vertical Angles and Linear Pairs

Vertical Angles and Linear Pairs


    Introduce vertical angles and how they are formed by two intersecting lines.


    Introduce and define linear pair angles.


    Provide practice examples that demonstrate how to identify angle relationships, as well as examples that solve for unknown variables and angles (ex.  and are vertical angles,  = 3x +2 and  = 6x – 1, solve for x and find the m and m)


This packet should help a learner seeking to understand how to identify and understand vertical and linear pair angle relationships.

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Vertical Angles

This video introduces the concept of vertical angles.

Source: JonathanE on Guaranteach

Linear Pairs of Angles

This video introduces linear pairs of angles, or supplementary angles formed by intersecting lines.

Source: JonathanE on Guaranteach

Solving for Supplementary and Vertical Angles

This video provides an example of how to find unknown angles using vertical and supplementary angle relationships.

Source: JonathanE on Guaranteach

Practice Problems

This video presents several problems that a learner can use to check their understanding of the material in this packet.