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Vocabulary Viajar flascards and games

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El viaje de la profe.

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Video questions

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Tourist information

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Viaja a España/ Trip to Spain

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What did you learn about Spain? 

Write it in a piece of paper. Neat and Clear please

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El zoologico

Animals vocab.

What need vocabulary have you learned? take notes

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Questions about the videos above.

Using your notebook, answer in English the following questions:


1. Describe Churros 

2. What do they eat churros with?

3. What other country eats churros in North America?

4. What is Pastelería in English?

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Project El viaje


Assigned a specific Spanish-speaking country and using the Spanish language, students will design a trip which includes the important cultural and physical aspects of this country.

Part 1: Brochure


1. Work in groups of 2-3 no more, please.

2. Select your Spanish speaking country.

3. Search for the follow information: (write in English... remember, no copy and paste)

3.1 Local currency.

3.2 Transportation and cost (put the price in your country currency and then put it in dollars) http://www.oanda.com/currency/converter/  ( use this link to convert your currency)

3.3 Typical food and clothing.

3.4 Famous cities, tourist places, activities.

4. Present your brochure in front of the class.

Part 2: Role play in Spanish

1. Role play is an oral report to deliver this your information (brochure) in front of the class. Each group will talk for approximately 1- 1.5 minutes making sure to cover each given topic.

2. Ideas for your role play: (Use the vocabulary we learned in class)

2.1 Travel agency

2.2  Airport (buying products, lost luggage)

2.3 At the customs

3. During the role play, the audience will have a passport where you will create a bingo card with Spanish vocabulary you think are going to hear from your classmates. 

Part 3: Last part ( I promise) 

1. After all groups are done presenting, each student will choose which country they would most want to visit and explain his/her reasons in a short essay written at home in English.

Ask Profe for Rubrics



 some ideas took it from Bonnie Edgar

Source: other people and myself