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Author: Tanya Ramos
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In this lesson we will be learning new vocabulary words and different travel phrases. We will use the new words and phrases to begin our group project in class tomorrow. Please be sure to really understand the vocabulary words and phrases. Tomorrow in class we will be making vacation skits like the examples I have provided below. I hope you are all ready for a vacation!


This video contains new vocabulary words and phrases that we will be using in class.


Here is the list of vocabulary and phrases that were used in the video.

Vocabulary part 2

Here are more vocabulary words and a few more phrases that you may use tomorrow in class for your vacation skit.

Vocabulary part 2

This PowerPoint contains the vocabulary words found in the second video.

Example skit 1

This video is an example of what we will be doing in class tomorrow. Try to listen for some of the vocabulary words you just reviewed in the previous videos. Please write down at least 3 words or phrases that you recognize in this video and bring it to class tomorrow.

Example skit 2

This video is another example of a vacation skit. Please write down at least 3 new words or phrases to bring in to class tomorrow. (There should be a total of six vocabulary words or phrases. 3 from the previous video and 3 from this video).

Picture Vocabulary

1. Hoy empieza las vacaciones= My vacation begins today

2. Vacaciones del verano= summer vacation

3. En verano= In the summer

4. Estoy de vacaciones= I am on vacation

5. Puedo ir a la playa= I can go to the beach

6. Puedo ir a la piscina= I can go to the pool

7. Puedo ir al parque= I can go to the park

8. Puedo jugar en casa= I can play in my house

9. Puedo ir de excursión al campo= I can go camping

10. Visitar amigos o familiares= visit friends or family

Quiz time!

Please complete the following quiz to check for comprehension of the vocabulary words and phrases reviewed in this lesson. Thank you!