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Author: Beau Brence
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Video: The use of video in the classroom is a trend that isn’t going anywhere. Youtube has made it, once again, convenient, for professors across the world to have access to educational videos of all types at a moment’s notice. Youtube also enables anybody to create their own channel or playlist, thus allowing students to have access to somewhat of an online classroom. Youtube is so broad that you can find anything from documentaries from the History or Discovery Channels, to instructional videos on how to correctly formulate a math or scientific problem. Another great video tool is Vimeo. Vimeo gives users the ability to have much more of a creative input with their videos. It is cleaner in quality and gives users accessories that youtube does not. The issue with Vimeo is that it isn’t free and may present more challenges while professors are using it. Regardless, it is another way to create a more vibrant and interactive learning environment while using a video resource in the classroom. The use of video in the classroom is a trend that will continue to grow and be more and more beneficial in the classroom as technology progresses in years to come.