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Video and Material 12: Protein Synthesis

Video and Material 12: Protein Synthesis

Author: Shannon Simonds
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Tutorial Information:


  1.  Simonds Drawing Full Explanation VIDEO (length 18:53- watch in chunks )
  2. Simonds Drawing Video Summary (length 2:45)
  3. Protein Synthesis Overview Diagrams
  4. Youtube Animation & Explanation (length 2:51)
  5. Protein Synthesis Notes PowerPoint
  6. Notes Packet PDF

Be Able To:

  • How are DNA and RNA similar and different?
  • What are the complementary bases for RNA?
  • Where in the cell can you find RNA?
  • Where does protein synthesis occur?
  • How many different amino acids are there?
  • What does the sequence of amino acids determine?
  • What is the importance of transcription and translation?
  • Where in the cell do transcription and translation take place?
  • How do they occur?
  • What are the functions of mRNA and tRNA?
  • What is the monomer of a protein?
  • What is a codon?
  • What is an anticodon?
  • What is the order and steps of transcription and translation
  • Read a codon chart:


  • Protein Synthesis
  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Peptide bond
  • Amino acids
  • Proteins
  • rRNA, tRNA and mRNA
  • RNA
  • enzymes
  • codon
  • anti-codon
  • triplet code
  • ribosomes
  • uracil
  • DNA
  • template
  • complimentary bases
  • nucleus
  • cytoplasm

Other Review Material Links:

  1. Protein Synthesis YOUTUBE Playlist
  2. Interactive Animation: AWESOME!
  3. Review Game: "Transcribe and Translate a Gene"
  4. Interactive Tutorial: Great Illustrations
  5. Online Flashcards: RNA and Protein Synthesis
  6. Online Flashcards: DNA, RNA, Replication, Protein Synthesis (combined)

Video 12: Protein Synthesis- Transcription and Translation

Protein Synthesis Summary Video (Length 2:45)

Simonds Drawing Video:Summary of Protein Synthesis

Youtube Protein Synthesis Animation & Explanation (length 2:51)


Protein Synthesis PowerPoint

Notes Packet