Video and Material 21: Archae and Eubacteria

Video and Material 21: Archae and Eubacteria

Author: Shannon Simonds
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Bacteria Annoucement....


Detailed Bacteria Video is on the way.  It is made, but doesn't want to sync via WiFI right now.  If you need to get it done tonight, the notes and PowerPoint are below with the same information.


 Please look at the overview video below, notes, and PowerPoint to familiarize yourself with the material first.

Bacteria Kingdom Overview

Make sure that you can tell me the names of the two bacteria kingdoms. In addition, be able to compare and contrast the kingdoms.

Video 21 Questions

Must be submitted by all PreAP students no later than 7:00am on Friday to receive full credit.

Bacteria Student Notes

The file below is the student notes and the filled in notes. To reach the filled in notes, you will need to scroll down to page 3.

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