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Video Creation - INTC Stockton

Video Creation - INTC Stockton

Author: Douglas Harvey

Pre-service and in-service teachers will demonstrate the integration of video creation to support learning, as evidenced by the creation of a lesson plan and sharing of teacher artifacts that involve the creation and use of movies to communicate.

This tutorial is designed for use with pre-service and in-service teachers taking courses with Dr. Douglas M. Harvey, Associate Professor of Instructional Technology at the Richard Stockton College in Galloway, New Jersey. It provides content to support exploration of the use of movie making  in K-12 educational settings to support higher order outcomes.

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Resources for Ideas and Help - three cool lesson ideas involving video creation - A sample lesson plan of how you might utilize video production with your students - chock full of storyboard templates and ideas - site with tips on moviemaking techniques your students can use


Examples - some examples from the Palm Springs School District - this is the high end example, with a selection of the winners fo the White House Film Festival competition.

Tools to Use


​iMovie - the Apple tool for making digital movies; easily the most robust tool for use in the classroom. Also an iPad app which is powerful.

Windows Live Movie Maker - the free tool for video creation on Windows computers - a list of video editing tools for use on mobile devices like phones or tablets a simple online tool for making 60 second videos - makes a movie from your drawing - very cool!