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Video Editing

Video Editing

Author: Ms. Thompson

By the end of this lesson, students will complete a video editing quiz in preparation for editing their public service announcements.


All students are required to demonstrate knowledge of video editing by completing a quiz.  This activity will also prepare you to edit your PSA.
Create a video using the sample video clip and sample music, in Windows Movie Maker.  Here is a link to a tutorial you can use as a guide, if necessary: Video Editing There is also a direct link on Edmodo.
Be sure to do all of the following:

*split a clip 
*add effects and transitions 
*add a title/credits 
*add audio 
*mute a clip 
*add a voiceover 
*save the file and turn it in on Edmodo.

Use your imagination and have fun!  When you are done, view and comment upon the .wmv files of your schoolmates.
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Source: by Ms. Thompson

Video Editing Rubric


Source: by Ms. Thompson