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Video Eight: Introducing Circle Graphs

Video Eight: Introducing Circle Graphs

Author: Shelly Hicks
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Introduction to Circle Graphs

Circle Graphs

Key Ideas:

Circle graph: shows parts of one whole


This circle graph shows the pet ownership of all people in an area.  

  • In the case, the parts are the type of pet and the whole is all of the pets in the area.
  • The circle graph shows all or 100% of the ownership in the area
  • Each piece of the circle graph is called a sector and has a percent value
  • Circle graphs need a title
  • Circle graphs need a legend to show what each piece or sector represents
  • The sum of the measures of the central angles is 3600


Question for Next Class

Please think of a question you would like to poll (or ask) you classmates about, such as:  what is your favorite after school activity?

A) Soccer

B) Volleyball

C) Baseball

D) Swimming

Next day we will be creating circle graphs using the interactive website here