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Video & Material 10: DNA & RNA

Video & Material 10: DNA & RNA

Author: Shannon Simonds
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Read below:

What you will find below and your to do list:
Contents of this Tutorial:
  1. Video over basic DNA and RNA structure with DNA history (Length 8:48)

  2. Video over What is DNA and What does it do? (Length 5:08)

  3. Video Summary of DNA verses RNA (Length 1:51)

  4. DNA vs. RNA diagram comparison

  5. Notes Packet

  6. DNA Song (Length 4:20)

Be Able To:

  1. What is the structure of DNA look like (what is it called)?
  2. What is the monomer of DNA? What are its parts and how do they bond?
  3. Where would DNA be found in a prokaryotic cell? Eukaryotic cell?
  4. What are the parts of a nucleotide?
  5. What are the complementary base pairs in DNA? How do they bond together?
  6. What makes up the sides of the double helix , twisted ladder?
  7. What makes up the "steps" of the double helix, twisted ladder?
  8. Why does the amount of A = to T and the amount of G= to C in a DNA molecule?
  9. What type sugar is in DNA? What type of sugar in RNA?
  10. What biomolecule is DNA and RNA?
  11. How does DNA relate to the genetic code of all organisms?
  12. Be able to tell me what the labels in the following picture are:


Need extra practice? DNA Games below:

  1. Build an organism game:
  2. Base Pair Matching Game:
  3. Vocabulary Flashcards:

VIdeo: DNA and RNA Structure with History

Basic DNA and RNA Comparison and Review

Notes Packet


DNA and Replication Song with Animation and Pictures