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Video Ten: Constructing Circle Graph:  Part 1

Video Ten: Constructing Circle Graph: Part 1

Author: Shelly Hicks
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Constructing Circle Graphs Part 1

Drawing Circle Graphs

Key Ideas:

Circle graph - shows how the parts of a set of data compare with the whole set of data



Here is an example to work through and try!!

Example:  I asked 100 people what is your favorite color. 

To draw a circle graph:

Step 1:  Create a table like the one below (if it is not already given to you). 

Step 2: Write each number as a fraction of the sum of the numbers in the data

  • 20 out of 100 people like Red so this fraction would be 20 over 100
  • Blue the fraction is 45 over 100
  • Green the fraction is 35 over 100

Step 3: Write each fraction as a percent (this is easy for this example since the denominator is already 100)

  • Red is 20%
  • Blue is 45%
  • Green is 35%

Step 4: Write each fraction as a decimal, then multiply by 360o to find the size of each angle needed for the sectors 

  • Size of angle for Red is 0.20 x 360o = 72o
  • Size of angle for Blue is 0.45 x 360o = 162o
  • Size of angle for Green is 0.35 x 360o = 1260

Step 5: Use your protractor to draw the angles in a circle like the one below.  You can either draw your own circle or your teacher can provide you with a copy of it.  Start by drawing the radius of this circle.  Try it on your own!  If you need help see your teacher the next class.