Video:  The Proton in Chemistry

Video: The Proton in Chemistry

Author: carolyn fruin

Demonstrations explain pH and how it is measured, and the important role of acids and bases.

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Video Homework

View the World of Chemistry Video: The Proton in Chemistry. Answer the following questions.

  1. Lime (calcium hydroxide) is the fifth most produced chemical in the United States. What are some uses for lime?
  2. In the video, reactions of acids and bases were demonstrated. Summarize the results.
  3. What is acid rain?
  4. What are some causes of acid rain?
  5. What is the name of the ion common to acids? What is the name of the ion common to bases?
  6. a. Do all acids and bases react to the same degree?
    b. What scale is used to describe the strength of acids and bases?
    c. Where are acids, bases, and neutral materials found on the pH scale?
  7. What is an antacid?
  8. Of the top ten chemicals produced in the United States, how many are acids and bases?