Vietnam War

Vietnam War

Author: Jason Heiser
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Vietnam War - Early beginnings

This is a discussion of the beginnings of the Vietnam war and a look at period right before American committing of combat troops.

Source: Jason Heiser

Gulf of Tonkin questions

Questions 1-7 on the gulf of Tonkin. The links don't work, so you will need to do Internet research to find your answers

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Source: Jason Heiser

Gulf of Tonkin

Gulf of Tonkin discussion and explanation of the Vietnam Childrens book.

Source: Jason Heiser

War and Protest

This is the continued discussion of Ch 22 sec 2 and the beginning of the ch 22 sec 3 discussion

Source: Jason Heiser

Writing assignment explanation

This is a description of the writing assignment on Vietnam.

Source: Jason Heiser

Dear America Letters Home from Vietnam part 8

YouTube link to video for Writing Assignment

Source: royalfool1195 (YouTube poster)

End of Vietnam

End of Vietnam War discussion. Part of discussion didn't record

Source: Jason Heiser