Vietnam War

Vietnam War

Author: Jason Heiser

Discussions surrounding the Vietnam war Era from '45-'75

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Discussion of soldiers experience and reaction of the US

Source: Jason Heiser

Gulf of Tonkin discussion

Discussion on the Gulf of Tonkin

Source: Jason Heiser

Gulf of Tonkin podcast

You only need to listen to the first 2:40 sec. stop when you hear the questions being read. Answers questions 1-2 from Vietnam Links sheet posted at Yammer

Source: Jason Heiser

Message to Nation and Congress


Click or copy the link above to read the message to the Nation and Congress. Use this reading to answer questions 3-5 from the sheet posted on Yammer called Vietnam Links

Source: Yale Law: Lillian Goldman Law Library

Gulf of tonkin McNamara Interview

Use for Question 6

Source: YouTube. Sony Pictures

Vietnam Primer

Introduction to the Vietnam war

Source: Jason Heiser