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Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing

Author: Tom Price

Viral marketing is one of the most powerful methods you can use to increase and maintain a strong online presence. The thing about this particular online marketing strategy that makes it so effective is its ability to harness the efforts of others to increase your exposure. Much like lighting a fuse this strategy relies upon a one time effort by you to initiate a movement by others that leads to an expansion of your own online presence. 

There is absolutely no more efficient way to secure a business or product on the internet than by the use of chrome web store vpn. Here are two very simple ways to initiate viral campaigns built upon the efforts of others that will increase the exposure of your business or products.

Article Submissions

Article submissions are a great online marketing strategy all by themselves since you can gain back links and credibility as well. When you submit high quality content to article directories not only do people read them and click on your business links but others ‘use’ your content as well. Remember, wherever your article is used it will always contain a link back to your business and you will be credited as being the author. In this way other internet businesses or people who have an interest in what you authored will be displaying your content to their site visitors expanding your online presence. Don’t you love the benefits you can receive from the combined efforts of others, well after you created and submitted the content!

Free Giveaways

Whether on a blog, website or even your squeeze page, offer something useful and free to others while encouraging them to freely pass it along themselves. Here too you will need to create something of value that will compel others to share it with their friends or colleagues. With a little research and effort you can create multiple viral campaigns in this way that will continue to send you traffic for some time to come.

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