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Virtual Field Trip to London

Virtual Field Trip to London

Author: Nada Purtic

By the end of the virtual field trip students will have watched a video and listened about ten best sights of London;  they will have seen the 360 degree panoramic pictures of those sights  as well as read some interesting information;  they will have described the most interesting sight in a guessing game with a partner and they will have produced  a short written evaluation why they will have chosen that particular sight.

This virtual field trip to London consists of a short video about the best ten sights of London, a virtual London tour with 360 degree panoramic view pictures, websites and information about them and two tasks - guessing game with a partner and written evaluation.

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Visit London / 10 Best Attractions (4:13')

a short video about London's ten best attractions

The Virtual London Tour

Check out The Virtual London Tour website.

See the main attractions of London via interactive full screen 360 degree panorama images by simply clicking on any of the thumbnails on the carousel or the list button to select a location.

On the right hand side navigation bar choose to visit the sight's website,  read some information or see panoramic images.

Enjoy your tour as long as you like!







1. Guessing game pair work: Pick on of the London sights, describe it to your partner and let him/her guess what it is.


2. Evaluation: Write a short text about the sight you find most interesting and give your reasons.