Virtual Nerd Videos - All About Exponential Functions

Virtual Nerd Videos - All About Exponential Functions

Author: M. J. Plott

This tutorial gives a sequence of short videos from Virtual Nerd, that gives an introduction to exponential functions.

This tutorial gives three videos on exponential functions.

  • What is an exponetial function?
  • How do you graph an exponential function using a table?
  • How do you identify exponential behavior from a pattern in the data?
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What's an Exponential Function?

This video, from VirtualNerd, gives examples of exponential functions.



How do You Graph an Exponential Function using a Table

This video, from Virtual Nerd, shows how to graph an exponential function by plotting points from a table.  This does not use transformations.


How Do You Identify Exponential Behavior from a Pattern in the Data?

This video, from VirtualNed, shows how to identify patterns in data to recognize exponential growth or decay.