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3 Tutorials that teach Virtual options in business today!
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Virtual options in business today!

Virtual options in business today!

Author: Jeff Carroll

This lesson explores virtual options for businesses in the modern work.

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Source: Image of world with lines around, laptop, circle, curved arrow, images by Video Scribe, License held by Jeff Carroll; Image of networked people, Public Domain,

Terms to Know

A controlled network that allows specific users from outside an organization to access part or all of an organization’s intranet.

Flextime Programs

A program to allow employees to set their own work hours within some guidelines.


The nonpublic network of an organization that employees can gain entry to via the internet .

Local Area Network

A group of computers that are networked within a limited physical location.

Portable Offices

A specific laptop computer that recreates the business environment for the purpose of work.


A work agreement where employees can perform their job duties from a remote location.

Wide Area Network

A group of computers that are networked in a large area and includes several local area networks.