Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Author: Zachary Baggett

Students will explore a virtual tour of the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History, select an object of study, capture an image of that object and bring it to next class.

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Video Companion for assignment

This video runs through the processes needed to complete the assignment. It includes some details about how to navigate the Sophia and Smithsonian Virtual Tour Websites and provides suggestions for capturing an image for further study.

Source: This video was created by myself. Special Thanks to Sophia.org and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History for the usages of their respected websites.

Virtual Tour

Please visit the website below by clicking on the hyperlink. If the hyperlink is not functioning, please copy this web address in a URL Address Bar on a Web Browser:


If neither option works for you, try doing an internet search for Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Virtual tour, and you should be directed to the correct page.

Once on the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Virtual Tour Website, please take a few minutes to explore and familiarize yourself with how to interact with the virtual tour. You may use your keyboard arrow keys, mouse or the icons listed on the web page itself to move from room to room and to change your camera angle.


Find a specimen that you think is interesting, that you would like to study further and make a picture of.

Once you are looking at your specimen, from the angle that you find most interesting please take a screen capture of what you are seeing. You can do this by hitting the button on your keyboard that reads: Print Scrn.

Nothing will appear to have happened at first. Next open a word document and hit Ctrl+V


Right click anywhere on the word document page and click the right button on your mouse to bring up a menu and select: Paste.

At this point the image that you took a screen capture of should show up in your word document. Please reformat the image to fit on one sheet of paper and save your file so you can use it later. Please print one copy of your image on regular sized paper to bring to class the following time we meet.

Please complete the short quiz on this website before exiting.