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Author: Stefany Palomba

Students will review the structure and function of the immune system and viruses.  They will also be asked to consider the ethical implications for respect for persons and fairness in regards to forced vaccination.  These objectives will be addressed in class as well as online in Sohpia,org.

In this module, we will be looking at the ethical implications in regards to forced vaccinations.  In order to understand the bio-ethical issues, an understanding of the functions of the virus and the immune system must be established.  Please review the virus information and immune system information.

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Virus Study Guide

This is a study guide with illustrations, vocabulary, and key concepts in the structure and function of viruses. This study guide was directly downloaded from K-12 Flexbook Biology.


Source: Powered by the FlexBook Platform®

Immune System Review

This study guide is a brief review of the immune system. Key terms and visual aids are included. This resource was taken directly from K12 flexbook biology.


Source: Powered by the FlexBook Platform®

How does a virus invade the immune system?

This video explains the function and structure of the virus.

Source: News-Medical.Net and

How the immune system destroys viruses in cells

Scientists at Cambridge University believe that the immune system's main assault on viruses takes place inside infected cells, not outside as previously thought

Source: © 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies