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2 Tutorials that teach Visible Learning and Teacher Evaluation
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Visible Learning and Teacher Evaluation

Visible Learning and Teacher Evaluation

Author: Trisha Fyfe

In this course, students explore Hattie's meta analysis of effective teaching practices and connect those findings to teacher evaluation.

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Notes on “Visible Learning”


(00:00- 00:24) Introduction/Objectives

(00:25- 01:06) John Hattie and Visible Learning

(01:07- 01:46) Visible Learning Domains

(01:47- 02:47) Visible Learning and Teacher Evaluation

(02:48- 04:34) Effect Size Top 20

(04:35- 05:13) Recap

(05:14- 05:48) Reflection 

Additional Resources

John Hattie, Visible Learning. Pt 1: Disasters and below average methods

This is the first in a series of YouTube videos with John Hattie explaining making learning visible. In Part I, Hattie reviews the impact of ineffective teaching methods on student achievement.

John Hattie, Visible Learning. Pt 2: Effective methods

This is the second in a series of YouTube videos with John Hattie explaining teaching strategies that have high-yield impacts on student learning and achievement.