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Vocabulary Unit 1 week 4

Vocabulary Unit 1 week 4

Author: Suzanne Lloyd
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Vocabulary can also be reviewed from your McGraw Hill reading Wonders log-in.


In the classroom we will write an essay using the new vocabulary correctly.


Students will be able to acquire and use accurately grade-appropriate general academic and domain-specific words an phrases.

Source: CCSS


Read through each vocabulary, definition, and example sentence. The look up each word on an online dictionary. Note the part of speech and compare the definations.


If you are passionate about baseball, you have or show a strong feeling about it.

Cal is passionate about protecting all animals from harm.

Source: McGraw-Hill reading Wonders


Patents are paper that give a person or company the right to make, use, or sell new inventions for a certain number of years.

Inventors who have patents fro their inventions can make money from them.

Source: McGraw-Hill reading Wonders


When she envisioned the school year, she imagined good things would happen in her future.

As Sara stared at the map, she invisioned traveling all over the world.

Source: McGraw-Hill reading Wonders


If you respond enthusiastically, you act in a way that shows great interest or excitement.

Fans cheered enthusiastically when their team won.

Source: McGraw-Hill reading Wonders


Devices are things that are made or invented for a particular purpose.

Many people use electronic devices every day to tell time, read, and communicate.

Source: McGraw-Hill reading Wonders


If you claimed the prize, you declared it as your own.

After her flight landed, Marika happly claimed her suitcase.

Source: McGraw-Hill reading Wonders


When you are captivated, you are influenced by charm, art, or skill.

Josh was captivated by the action movie in 3-D.

Source: McGraw-Hill reading Wonders


A breakthrough is an important advance.

Tyler had been rying to think of a project idea when he finally had a breakthrough.

Source: McGraw-Hill reading Wonders