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Content Standard 5.1e. Students know major geologic events, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and mountain building, result from plate motions.

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What Volcanoes Can Do?

What can a volcano do? What can a volcano effect? Bill Nye the Science Guy gives you some examples of what volcanoes can do.

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Types of Volcanic Eruptions

What are the different types of volcanic erupts?Here's a link to different types of volcanic eruptions. 

How do they happen? Do different types of volcanic erupts happen to different types of volcanoes? 

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What are the different types of volcanoes?

Here is a link about the types of volcanoes. Look at the content in the headings: What is a volcano? How are volcanoes formed?  What are the different stages of volcanoes? Why do volcanoes erupt? What are plate tectonics?What are the different types of volcanoes?

The different types of volcanoes will be useful to know!




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Big Question

Which information did you find most interesting about volcanoes and why? Refer to a specific source or sources in your response.