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Author: Juliet Ness

Content Standard – Grade 6: 1.f. “Students know how to explain major features of California geology (including mountains, faults, volcanoes) in terms of plate tectonics.” 

The big question: Based on the information you learned from watching the video and reading from the website, what are the main characteristics of a volcano?

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Website about Volcanoes

Hi class! Please click on the link above to go to a website called "Volcanoes: Earth's Fiery Power." This website has information that you need to answer the quiz questions. This website has information about volcanoes, including magna, eruptions, rocks, lava and more. Read the information carefully. There is a photo of a volcano at the top of the website. Below it are 6 paragraphs that you will need to read for the quiz. You don't need to look at other article on the website. After you read the paragraphs and watch the YouTube video, you are ready to take the quiz.

Geography Lesson: What is a Volcano?

Students, you will watch this video about volcanoes and then you need to answer the quiz questions. First, click the triangle on the bottom left side of the screen to play the video. To adjust the volume, move the mouse over the image to the right of the play button and a bar will appear. Move the bar over the right to make it louder and to the left to make it lower. After you finish watching the video and reading the article on the other website, go back to the main page and take the quiz.