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Volume of Irregular Solids

Volume of Irregular Solids

Author: Kelsey Hennen

This packet will explain and show how to find the volume of irregular solids.

This packet includes steps and diagrams to explain how to find the volume of irregular solids as well as examples and problems to do on your own.

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Surface Area of Irregular Shapes

If you need to review how to find the surface area of irregular shapes, please refer to the

"Perimeter and Area of Irregular Shapes" Packet

Steps to find the volume of irregular solids

1. Break the solid down into shapes whose volume you know how to calculate (like polygons,    

    cylinders, and cone).

2. Calculate the volume of the small shapes.

3. Add up all of the volumes to get the total volume of the shape.

Visual Explanation of Steps for Finding Volume

Example Problems

Practice Problems

Try your best to do these problems on your own and then check your answers. If you can complete these problems then you will be the master of finding the volume of irregular solids!! Good luck!

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