Volume of Prisms and Cylinders

Volume of Prisms and Cylinders

Author: Rachel Kaplan

In this packet, we will learn:
-What volume is
-What cylinders, rectangular prisms, and prisms are
-How to find their volumes

Through a variety of real world examples and problems, this packet covers a multitude of information on cylinders, prisms, and rectangular prisms and how to find their volumes.

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Prisms & Cylinders and How to Find Their Volume

An overview of what prisms and cylinders are, using real life examples, and how to find their volume (including what volume is).

Prisms Overview

If the above slideshow was confusing, try this walkthrough video instead!

Quick Note

The answer to slide 9 should read 250 pi, not 25 pi. 

Example Volume Problems

A variety of problems involving finding the volumes of cylinders, prisms, and rectangular prisms.