Volume of Pyramids and Spheres

Volume of Pyramids and Spheres

Author: Kymberlee Lyell

Student point of view: I will be able to find the volume of pyramids and spheres using my reference sheet. 

Students will watch a couple of videos on finding the volume of pyramids and spheres to help assist them in learning this topic. Students use a program called Ed puzzle to view videos and to answer questions. Teacher gives students feed back on questions prior to the activity day in class. If teacher cannot use Ed Puzzle then they can have students view the videos and come up with their own questions for students to bring back into class. 

In class students will partake in a stations activity to check mastery of the formulas of volume of prisms, pyramids, cylinders and spheres. Students will achieve mastery when they have made a complete cycle around the stations. If students repeat a station then they know they have made a mistake and need to retrace their steps. 

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ISTEP+ Reference Sheet

These are the formulas students will be needing for this activity.

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Volume Stations Handout

This is the worksheet I have students use to solve all of their stations.
When students are done with stations they should have made one complete rotation without repeating any station.

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Volume Stations

I printed out the stations included in this presentation and hung them around the classroom for students to go through.

Volume of Cones and Pyramids

This shows students how to find volume of a Pyramid and reviews how to find volume of a cone. Prior to watch the video students had already learned about volumes of cone. This was used as a refresher.

Source: YouTube

Volume of Spheres

This is a video that walks students through the formula of finding volume of a sphere.

Source: YouTube