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Volume of Pyramids & Cones

Volume of Pyramids & Cones

Author: Rachel Kaplan

Our objectives for this learning packet include:
>the volume formula for a pyramid
>the volume formula for a cone
>finding the height of a cone given the radius and slant height
>defining all necessary terms, including pyramid, cone, height, radius, and slant height

Using a series of powerpoints and videos, this learning packet will help you understand cones & pyramids: their properties, what they are, and how to solve for their volumes.

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Pyramids & Cones and How to Find Their Volume

A description of what pyramids and cones are, their components, and how to find their volumes.

Using Slant Hieght to Find Volume

If you're not given the radius or height, but the slant height instead, take a look at this step-by-step video to find how to solve for the volume.

Example Volume Problems

Now that you're fully versed in finding volumes of cones and pyramids, try out these example problems on your own.