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VPN Firefox

VPN Firefox

Author: John Smith

VPN on the basis of the network operating system

Positive qualities AltaVista Tunnel 97 are simple installation and
ease of management . Disadvantages of this system can be considered a
non-standard architecture (self algorithm exchanging keys ) and
low productivity .

We will consider solutions based on a network
operating system using the example of Microsoft's Windows NT system .
To create vpn firefox uses protocol PPTP, which is integrated in
the system of Windows NT. This solution is very attractive for
organizations using Windows as their corporate operating system . It
should be noted that the cost of such a solution is significantly
lower than the cost of other solutions . In the VPN on the basis of
the Windows of N T is used database users NT, stored on the Primary Domain Controller (PDC). 

When connecting to the PPTP - with erver
user authenticated by protocols PAP, CHAP or MS-CHAP. The transmitted
packets are encapsulated in GRE / PPTP packets . For encryption pas
Kets used nonstandard protocol from the Microsoft Point-to-Point the
Encryption c 40 or 128 bit key derived in the time of installation of
the connection . The disadvantages of this system are the lack of
data integrity checking and the impossibility of changing keys during
the connection . Positive moments are easy to integrate with Windows,
and low cost .

Hardware - based VPN

The option of building VPN on special devices can
be used in networks that require high performance . An example of
such a solution is the product of c iPro-the VPN company Radguard.
This product uses hardware encryption of transmitted data , capable
of flowing stream at 100 Mbit / s . IPro-VPN supports IPSec protocol
and ISAK MP / Oakley key management mechanism . Apart from other
things , the present apparatus maintains a means of broadcasting
network address and may be supplemented by a special board that adds
functions firewall

Protocols VPN networks

Network VPN built with Utilized Niemi protocol
tunneling data through a network connection in common use of the
Internet , the protocol tunneling provides encryption of data and
carry them through- transmission between users . As a rule , at the
present day for the construction of ce t s VPN using the protocols of
the following levels :

Link layer
Network support height s
Transport layer .
Link layer

At the data link layer , the data tunneling
protocols L2TP and PPTP can be used , which both use authorization
and authentication .

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