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WA Guidelines for Career Development and Transitions

WA Guidelines for Career Development and Transitions

Author: Peter Carey

The Western Australian Guidelines for Career Development and Transition Support Services is a response to the National Framework for Career and Transition Services. This approach has been developed between the Department of Education and Training of Western Australia, the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia and the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia and outlines a comprehensive approach by schools to assist students in managing the various stages of transition.

To make effective transitions through school and on to further education, training and employment, students require access to information and suitably qualified people that will assist them in this process. Before making and implementing decisions about careers, students also need to develop a knowledge and under standing of themselves in relation to the workforce and need to be aware of current labour market trends. This includes consolidating the skills required to learn further, as well as recognising and developing employability skills through the course of their everyday learning at school, in employment and training pathways, at home and in the community.

The objective of this Resource Collection is to provide students with access to career development services and information that will assist them to make informed choices about learning, work and life opportunities. The Guidelines present a range of options which could be implemented to support young people in making effective transitions and can be used as a tool to assist schools in planning for and providing services and information to support this process.

Key Principles

Career development in schools needs to:

  • be a whole school approach - K to 12. It is the responsibility of all teachers not just the career development practitioner - if it is to be sustainable.
  • be for ALL students not just the few, and parents should be encouraged to be engaged and involved.
  • have the support of the school's Leadership Team - all teachers - for all students -'parents involved
  • be part of the school's ongoing strategic planning and evaluation - Career Development needs to be seen as an important education goal of the school.
  • have adequate resources allocated to provide the essential programs, services and information products

The Guidelines lists twelve (12) essential Career Development programs and services:

  • Career Education
  • Career Information, Guidance and Counselling
  • Career Development Support
  • Individual Pathway and Exit Plans
  • Transition Portfolio
  • Transition Support
  • Mentoring
  • Monitoring and Tracking
  • Placement or Referral
  • Post-School Support
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET), Workplace learning and Vocational Learning
  • Access and Equity

WA Guidelines for Career Development and Transition Support Services
WA Guidelines- Table Overview
WA Guidelines ppt
Preparing for Success
Career Development and the Blueprint


Updated WA Guidelines for Career Development and Transitions Published, November 2012

The Launch Presentation

The Guidelines Operational Manual

This planning tool is designed to assist schools in the planning and decision - making processes related to the development and implementation of a whole school approach to Career Development and Transition.

This planning tool has been developed through incorporating the Western Australian Guidelines for Career Development and Transition Support Services and the Australian Blueprint for Career Development (ABCD). This has culminated in a single framework to guide schools through a comprehensive process of promoting a career development culture.

N.B. Use of this tool presupposes familiarisation with the Western Australian Guidelines for Career Development and Transition Support Services and the Australian Blueprint for Career Development. Schools engaging in this activity would have participated in some professional development on "Promoting a Career Development Culture in Schools".

Audit Tool
Planning Tool


Under the National Partnership on Youth Attainment and Transitions (YAT), the Department of Training and Workforce Development in collaboration with the Department of Education, the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia and the Catholic Education Office have organised the Making connections, Building relationships forum for school career practitioners. At the forum practitioners heard about programs and opportunities, and had the time to network with representatives from the Training Councils, the Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre, Workforce Development Centres, Partnership Brokers and Youth Connections. Transition Forum Presentation- "Making Connections, Building Relationships" - A Call to Action ... Siena Training Centre, Doubleview July 2012

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