Warwick Neck PBIS 1

Warwick Neck PBIS 1

Author: tracy mollock

For students to respond to the question: What they could say more often to make the world a better place.

We are a PBIS school, (positive behavior intervention strategies) we hold a monthly assembly to review our school wide expectations.

STAR= Show Respect, Take Responsibility, Achieve, Readiness.  We usually watch a video and discuss it with students.  This is a follow up to our assembly about showing respect to others.

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Kid President: 20 Things we should say more often

Kid President, talks about 20 things we should say more often. I am tying this into our Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies. We focus on showing STAR behavior. Show Respect, Take Responsibility, Achieve and Readiness. I believe this video entails all the traits that we focus on.

Source: Kid President Soul Pancake

Your Assignment!!

Happy Kid President Day!

Your Assignment:

1. Question:

                 What Do You Think People Should Say More Often?

2. Call or Text your answer to 404-500-6325

3. Please leave your name, grade   and answer…Before March 8th

Be on the lookout…your word/words will appear soon at Warwick Neck School!

How do you show RESPECT in school?

This is an added assignment: I am trying to see how it works best for everyone. Here are your choices on how to complete this assignment;
1. Print it out, complete and put in my school mail box.
2. Send it in an email to mollockt@warwickschools.org
3. If you can't do either, don't worry and tell me what went wrong so I can fix it for the next time. again you can email me at mollockt@warwickschools.org

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