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Washington State History: Introduction

Washington State History: Introduction

Author: Kelli Wilson

Students will:

  • Understand the importance of citizen participation in sustaining a healthy democracy.
  • Begin to think about some basic questions about government.
  • Begin to gain an historical perspective about the role of government. 

This tutorial is intended for middle school students beginning their Washington State study. Begin at the Beginning introduces you to the idea of government and the role citizens have in influencing government decisions. We will begin with Aristotle's definition of the types of government then move on to what's in a name-the naming of our state. 




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Activity 1.1: What is government?

Please read and complete each of the following prompts.

1. In your SS notebook  the next blank page (left-side) Washington State History 1.1: Introduction

2. Write the following questions beneath the title and respond.

  • “What is government?”
  • In what ways is “government” a part of your life right now (e.g., schools, roads, public health, etc.)?
  • How is government a part of the lives of your parents and the country as a whole? Create a T-chart to list your responses.

3. Write this question beneath your T-Chart how can you, as a citizen,  influence the government? 

4. Read the Introduction then answer number three.

Source: The State We're In: Washington by Jill Severn

Activity 1.2: “Aristotle’s Classification of Governments.”

Directions: Once you have completed the following document, you will print and insert into your SS notebook on Washington State 1.1: Introduction.

Open and make a copy of Aristotle’s Classification of Government. Read and complete as instructed.

Submit Assignment:

  • Include proper heading.
  • Print and insert into notebook (reread Directions)

Points: 10

Source: The State We're In: Washington by Jill Severn

Activity 1.3: How Washington State Got its Name

Directions: Read the side bar on how Washington State got its name. In your SS notebook, right side after Washington State 1.1, title it WA State 1.3

You are challenged with coming  up with your own name for our state. Should it be Columbia, Washington, North Oregon or something else?” In your notebook write the new name. Beneath it list reasons for your choice. Make sure you include evidence to support your reason. You may sketch your evidence as well as state it.

Share your new name with the class. We will vote at the end of the presentations. 

Points: 10 Participation