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Watch Yourself...Online Safety for Teens!

Watch Yourself...Online Safety for Teens!

Author: Michaela Rekucki

Students will define internet safety by analyzing content found on internet safety sites.  
Students will discuss information found on internet safety research and create an acceptable internet use contract.
Students will demonstrate responsible and acceptable internet use.

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You Tube Video-For Teens! To kick-off internet safety lesson.

This YouTube video is for teens and could be an engaging way to begin a discussion on internet safety and responsibility.


Internet Safety Lesson

Prior to having students work with Technology it is important to educate students on Internet Use Responsibility and Safety.  Show videos about sharing information online, monitoring privacy, and being cautious about meeting people online.  Then create a student contract to abide by throughout the school-year.  Once the contract is complete allow time for questions/discussion about contract and ask students to sign the contract. 

Helpful Links/Videos/Exemplars Regarding Internet Safety.

Testimonials on Internet Safety Tips.


Offline Consequences-Watch what you post online.


Internet Tips for Teens.


Sample Student Contract.


I used articles to teach students about "Cookies" but the link below has a is a neat video that may be more engaging.  The student testimonials are related to a reflection following the reading of essays on "cookies" and internet safety.

Video: How Advertisers Use Internet Cookies to Track You

Student Testimonials on the Importance of Internet safety following readings on "cookies".

"Literally; I had no idea that somebody could be watching and tracking my clicks on certain things or my cursor pulling down on this tab. This made me especially cautious about what sites I visited."


"I’m probably not as careful as I should be when I’m on the internet, and I should take more steps to be cautious so that my personal information is safe."


"The theme that I derived from this (internet safety) was not to make your personal information accessible to everyone. It’s a scary thing when you know that someone knows what websites you go to and from that alone can figure out who you are. I never knew before that by just clicking a button that someone could put cookies on your computer. The internet safety discussions/essays made me more cautious about what websites are asking, and now I always make sure that I clear the cookies after a few days. I have also educated my younger siblings about being safe on the internet which is a very good thing to know at a young age."


"I had a connection with the technology essays about how there are so many things out there that can monitor your each and every move. I connected with this because it made me think about how I do so many things on the computer, but I never realized that many other people knew exactly what I was doing. It made me more aware about my security preferences and what I do and don't put online. I erase my cookies and clear my history all the time now. I am glad I read those because they taught me how to be more careful with what information I let go on the internet."

Acceptable Use Student Brainstorm

This file is an example of a student reflection post internet safety research and discussion one could use as a springboard for creating a student contract.