Water Cycle

Water Cycle

Author: Lia Bermudez

Students will learn the steps of the water cycle and relate it to the current conditions with the drought in California. 

Students will learn the steps of the water cycle, how these steps relate to each other and then take a brief quiz to assess for understanding. 

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Water Cycle-

California Content Standard, Science- Grade One.

3. Weather can be observed, measured, and described. As a basis for understanding this concept: 

c. Students know the sun warms the land, air, and water. 

Short age appropriate video on the water cycle.

Water Cycle interactive data

Source: United State Geological Survey

Water cycle Labeling game

Students can label the water cycle using this interactive game.


The "Big Question"

In a short writing response,  I would ask the students to explain what happens when the water cycle does not occur and what are the results to our environment, lifestyle and living? 

The product I would be looking for would be relating to the drought, current conditions that exist now and what we can do to conserve water.