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Water Cycle Vocabulary

Water Cycle Vocabulary

Author: Alan Gwynn

Content Objective: SWBAT…match the proper science vocabulary word to the appropriate phase of the water cycle as evidenced by their written responses on the activity sheet.

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Lesson Objective

Source: California Department of Education, (2010). Retrieved from eStandards app for iOS

Water Cycle Song

This song contains three of our vocabulary words. Listen closely and identify the vocabulary words that you hear in the song and notice where they appear on our water cycle diagram.

LiveBinder Resource

Click on the following link.  There are four tabs that share information about the water cycle.  Read the information in each section.

Interactive Journal Activity

Draw a diagram similar to the one below in your interactive notebook, then complete activities 1 and 2 below.

1.  On the drawing you create in your notebook, label the five parts of the water cycle that you have studied.  Only arrows for three of our vocabulary words are shown; you will need to draw in the remaining arrows or symbols that you choose and label the other two words.

2.  Explain how a drop of water might travel from the ocean to the faucet in our classroom.  Use at least three of the vocabulary words in your explanation.  Write in complete sentences.